Marquee Sessions

Introducing Chef Compliance: Making Continuous Compliance Easier Than Ever


Galen Emery, Lead Security & Compliance Architect, Chef
Annagreth Flierl, Customer Success Manager - EMEA, Chef
Keka Ichinose, Product Manager, Chef
Anthony Rees, Solutions Architect - APAC, Chef
Rachel Rice, Software Development Engineer, Chef
John Snow, Sr. Software Development Engineer, Chef
John Wyss, VP of Product, Chef

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Compliance and security for organizations remains a complex and unsolved puzzle. Customers have told us that Chef’s automation stack has enabled them to take their first steps forward by scanning their fleet for issues and authoring remediation cookbooks for the most critical assets. The criticality of security and compliance work for IT leaders has been underscored by an endless parade of high profile breaches across every industry, which continue to rise in frequency and severity each year. Can we collect all the learnings from the Chef community and raise the bar on automation tools?

Customers have encouraged us to continue to innovate in this area by removing much of the delay and cost associated with content production, and enable them to take an enterprise-wide approach across even cloud and hybrid assets. What’s needed is a policy-driven framework for benchmarks with controls which are easily customized to company compliance posture, including the ability to manage waivers as needed, including full visibility of approvals.

With the new Chef Compliance product, Chef includes a spectrum of certified, Chef-tested and fully supported audit and remediation content which represents best practices for securing each type of end point.

In this marquee session, the Chef team will introduce Chef Compliance, moving forward automation-at-scale for the DevSecOps community. See for yourself a demo on how Chef Compliance Audit helps security and operations teams maintain complete visibility over compliance status. See also how Chef Compliance Remediation helps close the loop between audit and remediation to allow for continuous compliance in the enterprise. And you’ll hear some real world customer outcomes!

Introducing Chef Desktop: A New, Powerful Way to Automate Complex Fleets of Desktops/Laptops


Virginia Nguyen, Product Operations Sr. Director, Chef
John McCrae, Software Development Engineer, Chef
Alan Baptista, Product Marketing Director, Chef
Nick Rycar, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Chef
Stephen Wise, Customer Success Sr. Manager, Chef
Jeff Vogt, Sr. Field Solutions Architect, NA Sales, Chef

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For over a decade, the Chef community has proven that “Infrastructure as Code” is the only scalable way to manage a large digital fleet without hiring armies of “click next” administrators. We at Chef are thrilled to innovate alongside you, extending the power of Chef beyond the data center to the perimeter of the enterprise. Turns out, desktops, kiosks and laptops can benefit from the same approach! We’ve also been managing literally everything inside Chef that way for years! Now, it’s time to turn that into a real product you can run with as well!

Introducing Chef Desktop, a new product organizations can use to eliminate the time-consuming, manual steps needed to configure, maintain, and trace any change events in their IT resource (Laptop/Desktop) fleet. This also gives organizations a dynamic way to enforce enterprise security and compliance, as well as zero touch process for enrollment and provisioning of new Mac and Windows devices.

In this Marquee session, the Chef team will walk you through how Chef Desktop allows IT resource managers the ability to automate the deployment, management, and secure maintenance of a single laptop or the entire fleet, all from a centralized location on a range of operating systems.

Re-defining Application Delivery with Chef


Robin Beck, Senior Developer Advocate, Chef
Mike Krasnow, Senior Product Manager, Chef
Scott Lappin, Director DevOps, Panera Bread
Matt Wrock, Principal Software Development Engineer, Chef

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Whether you’re dealing with in-house developed applications or third-party applications – building, deploying and maintaining these applications tends to be a very complex orchestration. From application dependency encapsulation to integrations with pipelines to runtime management - not to forget inter-team dynamics and ‘throw-it-over-the-fence’ issues, there are myriad challenges you face. Throw in bare-metal, containers, VMs and multi-cloud strategies and you’ll soon start thinking that travel to Mars might be easier!

What if - through the power of automation - all of these complexities could be simplified by defining everything an application needs to be built, run and managed in development alongside the application. What if a single artifact could be packaged that could be delivered to any environment and validated in real-time? And what if all of this could integrate seamlessly with your existing pipeline and infrastructure?

That’s exactly what Chef’s application delivery offering does for you. Join us to learn how Chef is re-defining application delivery and hear from a customer managing distribution of applications to thousands of retail stores without dropping your order!

Making Upgrades Easier with Chef Workstation


Sudhir Reddy, VP of Engineering, Chef
Josh O'Brien, Product Manager, Chef
Jody Wolfborn, Senior Developer Advocate, Chef
Tim Smith, Senior Software Development Engineer, Chef
Tyler Ball, Senior Software Development Engineer, Chef
Jeff Brimager, Engineering Consultant, Professional Services, Chef

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Long time user of Chef and a pro at writing cookbooks? Does the sound of upgrading to the latest Chef Infra Client from previous versions make you wanna cry? Well - let’s turn those into tears of joy!

In this session, you will learn about how Chef engineers have been busy working on a new tool to help you modernize your fleet painlessly. Introducing Chef Workstation - Upgrade Lab, which helps Chef customers migrate to the latest version by providing a recommended upgrade path and a set of tools to scan, analyze, and upgrade via Workstation.

You will hear about how we went about building this for our customer Chefs, and some actual success stories within a complex customer environment. We’ll also touch on some of the enhancements in Chef 16 such as YAML support and converting to Ruby with Knife.

This is the tool you’ve been looking for to upgrade to the latest Chef toolset. Come join us to hear all about it!

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