CI/CD Sessions

Re-defining Application Delivery with Chef


Robin Beck, Senior Developer Advocate, Chef
Mike Krasnow, Senior Product Manager, Chef
Scott Lappin, Director DevOps, Panera Bread
Matt Wrock, Principal Software Development Engineer, Chef

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Whether you’re dealing with in-house developed applications or third-party applications – building, deploying and maintaining these applications tends to be a very complex orchestration. From application dependency encapsulation to integrations with pipelines to runtime management - not to forget inter-team dynamics and ‘throw-it-over-the-fence’ issues, there are myriad challenges you face. Throw in bare-metal, containers, VMs and multi-cloud strategies and you’ll soon start thinking that travel to Mars might be easier!

What if - through the power of automation - all of these complexities could be simplified by defining everything an application needs to be built, run and managed in development alongside the application. What if a single artifact could be packaged that could be delivered to any environment and validated in real-time? And what if all of this could integrate seamlessly with your existing pipeline and infrastructure?

That’s exactly what Chef’s application delivery offering does for you. Join us to learn how Chef is re-defining application delivery and hear from a customer managing distribution of applications to thousands of retail stores without dropping your order!

Moving Security and Sanity Left by Testing Terraform with Chef InSpec


Annie Hedgpeth, Senior Cloud Automation Engineer, 10th Magnitude

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For those that have longed for a simpler test-driven approach to Terraform development, come and see how I’ve made my team’s lives easier by using Test Kitchen for Terraform and how I can validate my deployments with InSpec. This will be a beginner’s guide, but all skillsets are welcome to contribute to the conversation!

We’ll discuss the different use cases for Terraform testing, such as:

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Integration Testing and CI/CD
  • Compliance, shifting security left
  • Production provisioning validation

As we know, good testing doesn’t just solve CI/CD problems; it solves culture problems. I will seek to convince you of why you need to invest in a good Terraform testing strategy early and how you might have bought into a myth that makes you think you have velocity when you don’t (are you running in wet cement).

And if you’re late to the game and have existing infrastructure with no tests, that’s okay, too. Let’s talk about how you can reduce stress by adding in some testing now. It’s not too late.

It takes an IT village to do DevOps, so let’s talk about moving security and sanity left with InSpec and Terraform. So many use cases, and so little time. You’ll leave this talk ready to implement at least one of them.

Chef Plumbing: Prefabricating Success


Chad Larkin, DevOps Solution Architect, Early Warning

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Early Warning is a fintech that partners with many of the country’s largest banks. Given the evolving customer needs across the financial services industry, there has been an increased expectation for Early Warning to rapidly launch new product lines. However, legacy processes meant that requests for new Development Environments typically took 1 to 2 months to complete, often impeding progress in achieving ambitious goals. Using the tools provided by Chef, Early Warning developed a solution. In just a week using Chef Infra, Habitat, some domain-specific scripting, and the company’s CI/CD pipeline, Early Warning was able to prefabricate a path for new development projects that reduced time to start, build, and deploy from the month-plus timeframe down to an hour, a 98% improvement.

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