Chef Workstation Sessions

Making Upgrades Easier with Chef Workstation


Sudhir Reddy, VP of Engineering, Chef
Josh O'Brien, Product Manager, Chef
Jody Wolfborn, Senior Developer Advocate, Chef
Tim Smith, Senior Software Development Engineer, Chef
Tyler Ball, Senior Software Development Engineer, Chef
Jeff Brimager, Engineering Consultant, Professional Services, Chef

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Long time user of Chef and a pro at writing cookbooks? Does the sound of upgrading to the latest Chef Infra Client from previous versions make you wanna cry? Well - let’s turn those into tears of joy!

In this session, you will learn about how Chef engineers have been busy working on a new tool to help you modernize your fleet painlessly. Introducing Chef Workstation - Upgrade Lab, which helps Chef customers migrate to the latest version by providing a recommended upgrade path and a set of tools to scan, analyze, and upgrade via Workstation.

You will hear about how we went about building this for our customer Chefs, and some actual success stories within a complex customer environment. We’ll also touch on some of the enhancements in Chef 16 such as YAML support and converting to Ruby with Knife.

This is the tool you’ve been looking for to upgrade to the latest Chef toolset. Come join us to hear all about it!

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