Chef Desktop Sessions

Introducing Chef Desktop: A New, Powerful Way to Automate Complex Fleets of Desktops/Laptops


Virginia Nguyen, Product Operations Sr. Director, Chef
John McCrae, Software Development Engineer, Chef
Alan Baptista, Product Marketing Director, Chef
Nick Rycar, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Chef
Stephen Wise, Customer Success Sr. Manager, Chef
Jeff Vogt, Sr. Field Solutions Architect, NA Sales, Chef

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For over a decade, the Chef community has proven that “Infrastructure as Code” is the only scalable way to manage a large digital fleet without hiring armies of “click next” administrators. We at Chef are thrilled to innovate alongside you, extending the power of Chef beyond the data center to the perimeter of the enterprise. Turns out, desktops, kiosks and laptops can benefit from the same approach! We’ve also been managing literally everything inside Chef that way for years! Now, it’s time to turn that into a real product you can run with as well!

Introducing Chef Desktop, a new product organizations can use to eliminate the time-consuming, manual steps needed to configure, maintain, and trace any change events in their IT resource (Laptop/Desktop) fleet. This also gives organizations a dynamic way to enforce enterprise security and compliance, as well as zero touch process for enrollment and provisioning of new Mac and Windows devices.

In this Marquee session, the Chef team will walk you through how Chef Desktop allows IT resource managers the ability to automate the deployment, management, and secure maintenance of a single laptop or the entire fleet, all from a centralized location on a range of operating systems.

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