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WomXn in Technology Panel: Success in the Face of Adversity


Alayshia Knighten, Senior Professional Services Engineer, Chef
benny Vasquez, Community Manager, Chef
Jody Wolfborn, Developer Advocate, Chef
Brittany Woods, Automation Engineer, CARFAX
Krystianne Avedian, Chief Relationship Officer and GTM Lead, Capgemini
Stephanie Aurich, Senior Technical Program Manager, Amazon, Alexa Home

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WomXn in the tech industry face a diverse set of challenges and rise up to meet them each day with strength and determination. Join us to engage with six womxn tech champions who conquered obstacles and adversity in their professional lives. These panelists will share empowering stories of strength, creativity, and rising to overcome challenges faced by many womxn in the workplace today, with Q&A opportunities offered for our attendees. Immediately following the panel, we invite our guests to switch on their webcams and stay for a mocktail hour to continue the conversation, just like we would in person!

Use Data, You Must: Leveraging Chef Data in ServiceNow


Brittany Woods, Automation Engineer, CARFAX

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As we have automated our processes, it has become more important than ever to maintain visibility into our systems. As part of that, harnessing the power of our data is on the forefront of all of our minds. Chef is a treasure trove of data. In contrast, ServiceNow acts as a pane of glass for incidents and events among your ecosystem. ServiceNow, in many cases, also houses change data and asset data about your ecosystem.

How can you marry the two? By integrating Chef with ServiceNow in different ways you can improve your visibility into your systems, improve ecosystem health, improve the accuracy of your asset data, and improve incident tracking and response. Join me as we discuss the many different ways you can integrate these two systems effectively to get the most out of your data, the benefit that will provide you, and why you would want to do this in the first place.

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