Justify ChefConf to your boss

We know you want to come to ChefConf 2020 and that you understand the value of being in the room, but your manager might not. That’s why we put together a handy-dandy justification letter for you to give them! It already includes many of the details you will need to show them why your attendance will show an almost immediate return.

Here’s what you do: (1) Simply copy the text, (2) edit it as needed, (3) pass it off to your manager, and (4) you will be joining us in the Emerald City for ChefConf 2020!



Subject: We need to go to ChefConf 2020


ChefConf 2020 is going to be in Seattle June 1st - 4th, and I think it’s important that we have members of the team attend.

ChefConf brings together DevOps professionals from the world’s leading companies to learn about the latest trends and technologies in modern application delivery. Three days of workshops, keynotes, sessions, and networking events with industry leaders will give us the knowledge and insight we can immediately put to use and accelerate our projects.

We will also have the opportunity to interact directly with Chef engineers, solutions architects, and any number of experts in the Chef Community. These contacts are invaluable to build our networks and will most definitely benefit other projects moving forward.

If we book before April 15th and take advantage of Early Bird pricing, we can attend for $______ per person.

Here’s the approximate cost breakdown:

  • Airfare: $______ (we can save an extra 5% if we book through Alaska Airlines)
  • Transportation: $______
  • Hotel (3 nights, June 1st - June 4th, at $269): $807 plus tax
  • Additional Meals (breakfast and lunch included in conference fee): $______
  • Conference Fee: $1,295 (Early Bird of $995 until 4/15)
  • Workshop Fee: $399

When we get back, we will debrief the rest of the team on key takeaways, major techniques, and action items we learn. Attending ChefConf will almost immediately show a positive ROI.

All of the details and sessions will be listed at chefconf.io. I am happy to sit down with you and pick sessions we feel will be most relevant to us and the team.

This really is a good chance for us to get solid, cost-effective training.