The ChefConf Agenda

ChefConf sessions are built by and for professionals who drive innovation at the heart of digital transformation in an app-centric world.

Monday, June 1

Community Summit
Welcome Reception (Partner Expo)

Tuesday, June 2

Breakout Sessions
Partner Expo
Game Night

Wednesday, June 3

Breakout Sessions
Community Celebration @ MoPOP
Partner Expo

Thursday, June 4

Hack Day
Contributor Meetup

Community Summit — June 1

The Community Summit is a unique opportunity to meet, share, and bond with a global network that contributes thousands of pull requests on Chef Infra, InSpec, Habitat, and other projects every year. This Open Spaces event is open to everyone regardless of experience level or past contributions.

Workshops — June 1

Selected as an add-on during registration.

Managing Security and Compliance with Chef Automate

How can you ensure that your systems are secure without slowing down your deployments? Use Chef Automate for security compliance. Chef Automate allows you to assess your infrastructure’s adherence to security requirements and to monitor that infrastructure on an ongoing basis. In this instructor-led Chef Automate compliance workshop, you will learn how to use the Chef Automate compliance UIs, perform security compliance scans against Windows and Linux nodes, and remediate compliance issues.

Chef Infra Jumpstart

Come along with us on your journey into the Coded Enterprise with Chef. We will cover the basics of Chef Infra from writing cookbooks & custom resources with Test Driven Development using Chef Inspec, right up to how you can deploy changes to your production systems safely in a structured well-tested manner using Policyfiles.

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack Jumpstart

The Enterprise Automation Stack is a platform that allows you to manage your applications & infrastructure at scale by capitalizing on the rich compliance data from Chef InSpec and configuration management data from Chef Infra. This session will provide hands on experience with installing, using, and administering Chef Automate, as well as configuring your Chef Infra, Chef InSpec, or Chef Habitat packages to report into Chef Automate. You will experience all the power of Chef Automate across the entire software development lifecycle plus learn to troubleshoot and proactively prevent issues both on-prem and in the cloud. You will leave this course prepared to deploy Chef Automate within your workplace and get your co-workers hooked on the Enterprise Automation Stack.

Chef, Git, Jenkins: An integrated pipeline approach

DevOps tools like Chef, Git, and Jenkins, while extremely powerful, have the most power when they are used in conjunction with each other in an integrated end-to-end testing and deployment pipeline. In this workshop, we'll teach you each step involved in building an entire end-to-end testing and deployment pipeline from scratch. You will leave with all the code and instructions used in the class so you can build this pipeline again by yourself afterwards. Prerequisites: a) Understanding of Chef resources, recipes and cookbooks b) Understanding of Chef Infra Server, the Chef Starter kit and the chef-repo directory c) Ability to use basic Linux command line utilities, like: cd, mkdir, mv and ls.

Managing a DevOps Transformation

Managing people in a transformed, high velocity work environment is full of exciting challenges. Working through the many changes for yourself and your team, understanding the role of a manager in an agile work environment, dealing with the financial implications of “waterfall” not being the way to do work are just a few of these challenges. This workshop, lead by managers who have gone through this transition, will focus on the techniques that will set you up for success in managing and directing the DevOps Transformation.

Managing your Desktop Fleet with Chef

Come to this exciting hands-on class to see how Chef, Facebook and others manage their laptops. You'll also learn the basic techniques and get the tools you can use to manage your desktops with.

Define, Package and Deliver Your Application with Chef Habitat

Do you experience pain with deployment failures, developer productivity, or delivering applications consistently? In this session you'll package, manage and deploy an application of your choice with Chef Habitat. After learning the basics you'll have the opportunity to package a Python, Java or .NET Core application and run it in your environment of choice. During this hands-on session you will use Habitat to package applications with all the required dependencies and run them in a tested, repeatable and reliable manner. This workshop is practitioner-focused, and you'll walk away with the hands-on skills needed to start using Chef Habitat on-the-job.

Chef InSpec Jumpstart

Chef InSpec provides a language for describing security and compliance rules. Compliance, security, and other policy requirements become automated tests that can be run against traditional servers, containers, and cloud APIs, ensuring enforced consistent standards in every managed environment, at every stage of development. In this workshop, you will learn how to invoke Chef InSpec on local and remote target nodes and cloud infrastructure, use Chef Automate to scan your whole environment, and run Chef Infra to remediate non-compliance issues.

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