The two days will be a mix of keynote presentations from Chef executives and engineering teams covering industry trends, product roadmaps, stories from our customers based in Europe, the opportunity to build relationships with the local Chef Community, have fun and learn what you need to be successful with Chef.

Monday, June 15

Optional Workshop Day

Tuesday, June 16

Breakout Sessions
Community Celebration

Wednesday, June 17

Breakout Sessions
Closing Drinks

Optional Workshop Day — June 15

One or two can be selected as an add-on during registration.

Accelerate Your Adoption of Kubernetes with Chef Habitat

Speaker: Steve Brown // Morning

Are you using Kubernetes? Join this workshop which will show you how to use Chef Habitat to support your use of Kubernetes. Chef Habitat can help you to dramatically increase the quality of the containers you build as well as reduce the time and effort it takes to deploy and maintain the applications you run in Kubernetes.

Introduction to Continuous Compliance with Chef

Speaker: Gavin Reynolds // Morning

In this session we will explore how automated compliance provides velocity, scale and consistency and how with Chef you can implement your security policy as code and deliver changes at speed whilst reducing risk. You will learn how to detect potential security & compliance issues in your environment, how to quickly and safely remediate those issues and how automate with Chef to become a 'Coded Enterprise'.

DevOps Leadership Workshop

Speaker: Richard Nixon // Morning

DevOps is a cultural and professional movement focused on how to build and operate high-velocity organizations, born from the experiences of its practitioners. Participants will share their experiences so far with DevOps with other individuals from a variety of backgrounds and industries, and leave with a plan for improving DevOps at their organization.

Migrate to the Cloud Securely Using Chef InSpec

Speaker: Adrian Daniels // Afternoon

How do you ensure that the resources that you use in the cloud are compliant to your company security standards? This workshop will show you how to use Chef InSpec to verify that your cloud resources meet the compliance requirements specified by the CIS Benchmark standards. Chef is the only vendor to be accredited by CIS for AWS, Azure and GCP benchmarks. Learn how to extend these compliance tests to cover additional requirements from your security team.

Full Stack Automation with the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

Speaker: Tom Robinson-Gore // Afternoon

The Enterprise Automation Stack is a platform that allows you to manage your applications and infrastructure at scale by capitalizing on the rich compliance data from Chef InSpec and configuration management data from Chef Infra. This session will provide hands on experience with installing, using, and administering Chef Automate, as well as configuring your Chef Infra, Chef InSpec, or Chef Habitat packages to report into Chef Automate. You will experience all the power of Chef Automate across the entire software development lifecycle plus learn to troubleshoot and proactively prevent issues both on-prem and in the cloud. You will leave this course prepared to deploy Chef Automate within your workplace and get your co-workers hooked on the Enterprise Automation Stack.

Manage Your Endpoints with Chef

Speaker: Tom Finch // Afternoon

Do you struggle with company wide laptop and desktop management? Are too many manual steps preventing you from maintaining your fleet? During this workshop you will learn how Chef Infra and Chef Inspec can use a codified appraoch to reduce internal IT workload, minimize configuration issues and continously validate compliance. Learn how Chef Desktop Management provides enterprise wide compliance visibility and automates the update management process to centralise fleet configuration.

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